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FG Blog - Sunglasses winter

​Do I need sunglasses in the winter?


Sunglasses for  Winter

Sunglasses are associated with the summer season, when the sun reaches its peak activity. Indeed, in the summer they are badly needed. Through their barrier eyes are protected from UV radiation. It's not just solar radiation. In bright light, the eyes get tired more quickly.

In summer, the sun shines so intense that a person can lose sight a landmark, and not see certain objects. The same can happen in the winter.

It is cold in the winter, but that does not mean that the sun has stopped shining. Some days there is increased activity- bright light literally strikes the eye. The sun's rays reflect from the white surface, giving it more light. To keep your vision, you need to wear sunglasses. This thesis is confirmed by many ophthalmologists. They recommend wearing sunglasses and summer and winter.

Another negative factor in the winter is low humidity. Under the influence of negative temperatures the moisture contained in the air turns into frost and snow. Adding the strong wind, there are conditions for searing eyes - they begin to tear. Frost freezes the tears and the wind drying. Under such adverse moments eyes are unlikely to be healthy. Use sunglasses that will not allow the wind to the eyes.

Do not forget about such vagaries of winter, as blizzards, during which snow whips across the face. As a result, snow fall eye grains, particles of dust, allergens, various chemicals. Sunglasses protect against mechanical impacts, putting a barrier in the way.

Winter - for winter

Sunglasses are different. For the winter season there is a model with reinforced plastic, in which strength is important. With the old version of winter wear sunglasses, you can damage your eyes, because the brittle plastic often can not withstand the pressure of frost.

Winter sunglasses differ in the fact that they are slightly darkened, and have a curved shape. Weak blackout gives good visibility, and the curved shape protects the eyes from the side. It turns out that the sunglasses forms a protective area that does misses the snow and the wind and allows tears to evaporate.
Glass Winter sunglasses preferred yellow and amber color. At least so say ophthalmologists.

Women who move abroad, are required to wear sunglasses in the winter. They reduce tearing, so in frosty weather eyes should be protected.

Annually produced new models of sunglasses that match the fashion trends. Acceptable cost, high quality, functionality - this is the base for the selection of these winter sunglasses. Everyone will find a model for their taste.


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