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Why reading glasses?


Reading Glasses

Many people who have been able to see their whole life wonder why they start having difficulty seeing near, and feel the need for reading glasses. By the age of 20, slow physiological changes start to happen and the lens, which helps to clearly see objects at different distances, starts to lose elasticity. The lens is inside the eye and changes shape using small muscles, changes the refraction of light at the bottom of the eye, from which it enters the brain as a sharp image. Initially, the effect of the process is invisible, but by the time most people turn 40, they realize their hands are getting "too short".

Presbyopia, or vision changes due to age, is manifested in the weakening of near vision after 40 years of life. At first, it may manifest as eye fatigue at night, at dusk or slow visual acuity at different distances (eg looking into the distance, and then at near). This can also can be a symptom resulting from eyestrain.

Changes always occur, regardless of whether glasses are worn before or not. It is also impossible to slow down age-related weakening of the eye with exercises for the eyes, or in any other way. More noticeable changes of the eye lens come for people around 50 years old, when the prescription for glasses changes faster. Typically, the process slows down around 60 year olds. What to do? It is advisable to check your eyes every year. Presbyopia is corrected with glasses and contact lenses. There are many different types of glasses such as reading glasses, bifocal glasses, office glasses, and progressives. Also, there are different solutions for contact lenses: progressive lenses or conventional contact lenses (one eye is corrected for distance viewing, and the other eye on looking at near). To find the right solution, consult with an optometrist.

For people who have not come into contact with glasses, wearing glasses at first may seem awkward and unfamiliar. But clear vision of life will substantially improve the quality of life, and soon you'll notice that the glasses are not only important to use, and more of an indispensable accessory. For the best choice for eyeglass frames, you will be given advice from optometrists and staff.

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