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Top Tech Sunglasses 2014


Pupular SunglassesMost parts of our country have finally started warm, sunny days - the best time to walk around the city or be in nature. But it is necessary to not forget about sunglasses. Lately, a host of electronic multimedia options provide unprecedented opportunities to the user.

Bluetooth-headset in Sunglasses

The easiest option for electronic sunglasses - this feature in the outer part of the accessory cell phone headset connects to it using the wireless interface Bluetooth.

Pivothead SMART - Sunglasses with Camera

Ordinary sunglasses allow a person to look even there, where he shouldn't, for example, at women's breasts or a lovely girl's body on the beach without worrying that someone will track your eye. And Pivothead SMART sunglasses enable more and shoot photo or video.

However, the main function of sunglasses Pivothead SMART built-in camera is to provide a survey during exercise and other active operations, as well as to broadcast live from the event center without drawing attention to the cameraman.

Ray-Ban Shama-Shades - Sunglasses with Solar Panels

If you stay on the beach for a long time, you can not only burn in the sun and get sunstroke, but also to defuse your mobile device, carried away while listening to music, watching videos or reading books.

Earpieces on the Ray-Ban Shama-Shades are equipped with small solar panels with built-in batteries. They can gather a bit of energy to charge a cell phone, tablet, or music player.

Glasses TrackR - Sunglasses That Can Not Lose

Ordinary sunglasses are often lost, people forget them to put them away or leave them at the cafe. But with Glasses TrackR this can not happen. After all, they are equipped with a special module for the locating them.

If you forget your Glasses TrackR and can not remember exactly where, just run the application on your phone, which will indicate on the map the location of the lost accessory.

Dynamic Eye - Sunglasses with Automatic Dimming

Sometimes even the darkest sunglasses not completely save from a very bright light, and we have to either turn away from its source, or cover it with a hand. And it is never possible to predict exactly when you may run into this situation.

Dynamic Eye - are electronic sunglasses, which have the function of auto-darkening lens. In the shade or at dusk they become almost transparent, and in bright sun turn into dark glasses, protecting your eyes from the unbearable light.

GUNNAR Outdoor Eyewear - Sunglasses for Reading on the Street

Gunnar Sunglasses Outdoor Eyewear do not have any built-in digital technology. However, they allow for use of interactive features of mobile devices.

For each of us knows how difficult it is to see anything on the screen smartphone or tablet on a bright sunny day. A GUNNAR Outdoor Eyewear glasses have a special innovative coating eliminates glare problem. And, unlike conventional polarizing glasses, the lenses in this accessory do not distort the image.

Recon Jet - "Smart" Sunglasses for Active People

One more sunglasses, designed for people with an active lifestyle, for those who can not sit still. But, unlike Pivothead SMART, Recon Jet can not only take pictures and videos, it is full "smart" glasses with a variety of digital opportunities.

Recon Jet has built a computer screen running the touchpad, as well as a number of sensors that tell about your health, the air temperature, altitude and other factors.


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